April 16, 2011

A fellow blogger who we love!

Once a month, Monet teaches a day of private lessons as a guest instructor at Equi-Valent Riding Center, in Delaware, Ohio. One of the regular students there,  Rebecca White, writes a great blog about her riding experiences: Diary of an Over Anxious Horse Owner.
As part of those posts she also uses videos of some of her lessons with Monet, as well of some of Monet's other students at these sessions. The posts are a wonderful glimpse into what it is like to learn these methods and see the differences that we see every time we ride.

Rebecca had her first lesson with Monet last fall and she wrote "We worked mostly at the trot and had ground poles along one wall and raised cavaletti on the opposite wall. It seems I've been 'throwing away' the contact at the poles...She rode him for a bit. The look on his face was 'WTF are you doing?!?! Um...okay.' I think he had more forwardness and more contact in that brief ride than he has in the two years I've ridden him...It was cool to see how he came around for her. When I got back on there was SUCH a difference in his movement. She had me post on the wrong diagonal to show me how much we had been helping him with the alternating pressures. Wow."
Then Rebecca documented a fellow rider's results in her post about Sarah and Max along with a great video - read the whole post and watch the video here. There is another posting about October's session at EVRC with wonderful photos here in which Rebecca writes about Monet "I REALLY like Monet and look forward to our next lesson. She's a very honest teacher. She'll push you to work hard but she makes it fun. She explains things really clearly and is quick to reward good work." <- awwwww!!! We love that!!!

More recently, in January, Rebecca was experiencing some lameness issues with her horse, Junior. She was working with an equine chiropractor/massage therapist and Monet. This posting and video shows how using the methods of biomechanics that Monet coaches on can help horses with physical issues.

So be sure to stop by there, follow her blog, and keep tuning in! We love Rebecca's writings and we love how she writes about Monet!

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