February 5, 2015

A Fresh Start

Have you ever been riding and could not figure out how to get your horse to perform a specific movement, or jump a course, or even canter a certain lead? 

Well, take a deep breath and realize that you are in the right place. 

We spend hours training (or trying to train) our horses to do certain things, yet we NEVER spend the same amount of time training, strengthening and even educating ourselves.  

Have you ever heard the expression "our horses are mirror image of us"? 

It is so true.

Wherever we are stuck, braced, blocked our horses reflect and become the same. The problem is that we often have no clue that we are doing these things. 

So much so that it starts with something as simple as posting. You hear talk about irregular canter but never irregular trot. Yes there is such a thing. 

I believe that horses get labeled as naughty or unwilling when really what may be going on is that are trying to tell us they are willing, but because our bodies are interfering with their bodies, they literally cannot do what we are asking them to do.

There are two key ingredients needed to help a horse be successful in whatever we are asking them to do:  STRAIGHTNESS and THROUGHNESS.  

And it all starts with us.  

I hope I have your attention and your interest.

I am starting a series of blogs explaining what your horse is trying to tell you regarding why they cannot or will not do what you are asking.

Feel free to send questions that I can answer.  

I hope you enjoy all I have to teach. 

Get ready to become one with your horse no matter what discipline you ride!

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