September 13, 2012

Saddle Fitting with Schleese

Saturday September 8, 2012 Luanne Reaume, certified fitter and dealer with Schleese Saddles, visited E&S to fit saddles for several clients.

Prior to Luanne visiting padding and risers were being used to solve fitting and movement issues. Luanne showed the clients how sometimes these "fixes" can actually do the opposite. Her tree adjustments, wool infusing and air pumping, as well as block adjustments all led to incredible movement freedom in the sessions with the horses since Saturday.

When clients ask what brands they should look for a their next saddle, Monet only recommends Schleese saddles. Monet has ridden solely in Schleese for years, and has a personal friendship with founder and master saddle-maker Jochen Schleese. "Their saddles are built for women's hips and designed to allow the horse to move freely and in communication with the rider."

Below are some photos from the session.

Tools of the trade!!!

Luanna places the saddle and checks the fitting.
Explaining how the saddle impacts movement to the owner.
A happy Diole with his freshly fitted saddle!