July 4, 2011

Two Weeks with Norman

Here we are already - two weeks later!
Norman is cruising along sooooo well! He is loving his new lifer and home and routine. He has made new friends with a big crush on a mare in the next paddock. His new "bestie" during turnout is none other than Danny! Reports are in that they stand with necks over whithers...enjoying the weather and grass. Most importantly, he and Stephanie (his proud new owner) are bonding and getting to know everything about each other and becoming a sweet little pair together.

Norman has increased his body weight and muscle tone in just these two weeks. His coat has gotten all shiny and bronzey, and his whole attitude has lifted. We will post in two more weeks with a broader 30 day report and some statistics. But for now - here are some pics from a recent training session with Monet. Note the mischievous look in his eye!!

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